An important video for guys who want muscular abs that girls drool over:
The Fastest Track To A Ripped Body
          And Shredded Six Pack Abs 
 It’s Just Science!
IN THIS VIDEO: Research reveals a new "hack" that quickly melts away stubborn body fat without sacrificing hard-earned muscle… While simultaneously building your ab muscles, giving you the crazy-looking muscular abs that girls drool over, and other men envy.
Why Don't You Have Six Pack Abs? 
Do you sometimes feel like you're missing something? Like there's something you should be doing differently...if only you knew what it was? 
You're probably confused and overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice out there when it comes to burning fat and getting six pack abs. 
Or maybe you've been working your ass off in the gym for months...maybe even years...and you still don't have an impressive ripped body to show for it.
In fact, maybe you've only been able to lose a few pounds at best...but eventually you hit a frustrating plateau that prevented you from making any more progress...and it seems like the fat just doesn't want to come it just wants to "stick" to you like some kind of parasite.
All that confusion and frustration ends today.
Getting Six Pack Abs is Easy. It’s Just Science
On this page I'm going to explain a unique method that elicits what I call The Fusion 8 Effect used by a handful of the top male fitness models in the world that quickly and drastically reduces body fat levels while building ripped, muscular abs. 
The truth is...
  • You don't have to spend countless hours doing long grueling cardio to burn fat (In fact, I'll show you why long, slow cardio sessions are a recipe for muscle loss...and how to perform the proper HIIT-style cardio that's not only more effective for burning fat, it also builds muscles.)
  • You don't need to starve yourself or restrict your calories to the point that you're irritable and unhappy. In fact, following this typical fat loss strategy can destroy your metabolism and leave you with more body fat than you started with. 
  • You don't need to go "low fat," "low carb" or follow any other silly diet fads. I'll show you the simple nutrient timing strategies that will increase your natural muscle-building and fat-burning hormones and torch the fat right off your body, getting you down to single-digit body fat percentages. 
If you're having any kind of problem losing stubborn body fat...or getting ripped six pack abs...this could be the most exciting research you've ever heard.
This Fusion 8 Effect I'm about to show you is so reliable...and so freakin' effective for melting away body fat and getting those chiseled "movie star" abs...
You'll never...ever...have a problem again shedding that last few pounds of body fat and turning your soft stomach into a rock-hard six-pack.
But Hang On...
Who Am I, And Why The Heck Should You Listen To Me?
You Should Listen To Me Because...
I've Already Made All The Mistakes You're Probably Making Right Now! I Know What Works And What Doesn't
I'm talking about the same mistakes that are sabotaging your muscle gains and your body's ability to burn fat...The same mistakes that are preventing you from getting ripped six pack abs. 
We'll get into exactly what those mistakes are in just a second...
But first, let me assure you, I wasn't born with great muscle-building genetics. And I certainly wasn't born with a six pack. This didn't just happen by accident...

Here I am in college...Making all the mistakes I'm going to show you how to avoid...I was busting my butt in the gym, and managed to get myself pretty lean...But where were my abs? where was all the muscle definition?

After I fixed these common mistakes, it was so much easier to put on lean muscle and burn fat, giving me that ripped, muscular look...Keep reading this page and I'll show you the exact changes I made that transformed my physique.
Turns out I wasn't the only one making these mistakes...
As I've been answering questions that come to me via email, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and my 1-on-1 coaching clients, I've noticed 3 common things that guys are doing (or not doing) that sadly leaves them with almost no chance of getting the lean, AND muscular physique they're after...
You're doing the WRONG kind of cardio...Which is stripping away muscle much faster than you realize, and making you look skinny, weak, instead of  muscular and ripped.
Your current workout plan is not only ineffective at lowering your body fat levels below the 10% mark that's needed in order to see your abs come through...but its may also be restricting your muscle gains by ignoring the important anabolic phase needed to build muscular abs that really "pop out" and grab attention.
And most importantly: You aren't yet maximizing all 8 of your body's most important fat-burning and muscle-building hormones that makes it twice as easy to get lean and muscular...and STAY that way.
Listen, at the end of the day, it all comes back to your hormones...
The way you train affects your hormones...The type of cardio you do affects your hormones...The types of foods you eat...WHEN you eat certain foods...and more.
What I'm going to show you on this page is how to manipulate your body's natural fat burning and muscle building hormone levels, giving you an unfair advantage, and putting you in the fast lane to getting lean and ripped.
That's what the Fusion 8 Effect is all about - manipulating 8 specific hormones to set your body up for maximum fat burning and maximum muscle gains, and getting you down to that 10% body fat level and below, all while maintaining and building muscle.
So What Is This "Fusion 8 Effect?"
An How Does It Work To Burn Fat And Get Me Six Pack Abs?
The "Fusion 8 Effect" is what happens when all 8 of your body's most powerful fat burning and muscle building hormones are fully optimized, leading to increased fat burn, and increased muscle gains...getting you below the 10% body level needed to see your abs, while building your ab that you can reach your full genetic potential and get the ultimate male physique you've been after. 
It's not just another "diet plan." 
And it's not just another "workout plan."
Rather, it's a method that combines and "fuses" the most effective weight training, cardio, and diet protocols in a way that naturally maximizes all 8 of your body's powerful fat burning and muscle building hormones - getting you lean and ripped in the shortest time possible. 
Let Me Show You How It Works...
First, I'll show you the 8 hormones I'm talking about here...Then I'll show you HOW to optimize them for increased fat burning and muscle growth.
Sure, this method will increase your free testosterone levels, but I'm not even going to talk about that here, because everyone knows that more testosterone = more muscle and less fat. That's no secret.
But what I'm going to show you here are the other 8 powerful fat burning and muscle-building hormones that almost everyone foolishly ignores... 
A hormone that increases your metabolism and increases the rate in which your body breaks down fat cells.
The interesting thing is, in order to increase this hormone you must eat MORE carbohydrates at certain times of the day, and you must eat MORE fats at other times of the day. 
In just a moment I'll show you a way to jack up this hormone so it burns more fat off your body automatically...
This hormone that acts as your "hunger signal" that constantly tells your brain to eat.
Traditional "diets" fail after just a few weeks because when you reduce your calories in an effort to shed fat you are increasing the ghrelin hormone that's telling you to eat more!
See a problem here?
This puts you on an emotional roller coaster every single day as your Ghrelin hormone will constantly be reminding you that you're hungry!
Increases your metabolism, so your body burns more calories all day long. It also works with your brain to reduce junk food cravings.
This creates the "perfect storm" for fat burning. 
Vital for muscle building, muscle recovery, and maintaining optimal blood sugar levels.
The bottom line is, if you spike your insulin levels at the WRONG times during the day, your body will store more fat...
But when you increase your insulin levels at the RIGHT times during the day, you're able to increase your muscle gains. 
This is why it's vital that you know how to control your insulin levels throughout the day...otherwise you're gonna end up with more fat and less muscle, and you'll be scratching your head wondering why.
Responsible for breaking down these stored carbohydrates and fats and releasing them so your body can use them as energy.
Once you know how to control this hormone, your body will use carbohydrates and fat for ENERGY...Instead of storing them as body fat!
Are you starting to see why these hormones are so critical to your success, and how they can drastically lower your body fat levels while increasing your lean muscle mass?
Let's keep going...
Cholecystokinin (CCK)
I call this the "magic willpower hormone" because it communicates with your nervous system to "flip the switch" telling you that you're full, while working with your stomach to slow the rate of digestion.
The final result of this is that you feel full for longer periods of time, making it easier to for you to avoid those "binge eating" sessions that can slow down your results.
Alright, let's talk about the last 2 fat burning hormones, and then I'll show you a method that optimizes all 8 of these fat burning hormones for you don't have to become a "mad scientist" and try to figure all of this out on your own...
And I think you'll be surprised at how brain-dead simple it is.
Known as the "flight or fight" hormone, and is what makes your body burn fat for energy in the body. 
This means that your fat cells will be utilized for energy in the body and not stored as visceral stomach fat.
So with that said, it's obvious that if you want to supercharge your fat burning results, you want your epinephrine levels to be high.
Many "fat burning supplements" artificially stimulate your epinephrine levels, but in a moment I'll show you the method that maximizes this hormone naturally.  
Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
A vital muscle-building hormone, but also happens to be one of the most important fat burning hormones in your body as well.
That's why you hear about pro athletes artificially injecting this hormone to achieve super-human performance and sport a lean, muscular physique. 
When your human growth hormone levels are at their peak you will be able to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously.  
Talk about the perfect recipe for getting ripped abs. 
Human growth interacts with fat cells and breaks them down to burn-stored fat for energy. Increasing your HGH levels is a fantastic way to target visceral fat (which is the stomach fat that's covering up and hiding your abs muscles.)
Let Me Show You The Simple Science That Gets You Six Pack Abs:
So we just went over the 8 little-known hormones that will put you on the fast-track to six pack abs...(Or they can sabotage your results if you ignore them or fail to control them.)
Now I'm going to show you 4 simple tactics that will turn on the "Fusion 8 Effect" and optimize your natural hormone levels so that they HELP you burn fat and build muscle...
Using the Fusion 8 Effect, we're going to get your hormones working with you instead of against you. 
Hang on tight, because I'm about to smack you in the face with some real science (not broscience)...You said you wanted to get six pack abs, right? Well then let's go...
Fusion 8 Tactic #1:
Include An "Anabolic" Component In Your Workouts
If you follow a workout program that only focuses on "burning calories" then you'll never achieve the lean, muscular body you're after, and you certainly won't get those six pack abs...
It's extremely important to perform compound muscle-building exercises during your fat loss workouts in order to: 
  • Increase your testosterone levels...
  • Prevent your existing muscle mass from wasting away...
  • Build new muscles...
Ignoring this rule is one of the major reasons that guys end up burning through muscle mass during a fat loss regimen and end up looking thin and weak instead of ripped muscular. 
The Journal of Strength And Conditioning Research states that testosterone production is increased when you do heavy compound free weight exercises in which you use and coordinate a number of major muscle groups at the same time. 
Things like squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc.
However, testosterone production is not similarly increased by doing isolation exercises using free weights, or training on machines.
This means that the majority of your weight training should be focused on compound muscle-building exercises.
As you already know, testosterone is one of the most anabolic hormones in your body, so if your goal is to build muscle mass while burning the maximum amount of fat, then you must use a weight training program that supports high testosterone levels.
Beyond the increased testosterone levels, including a high-intensity anabolic weight lifting component to your fat loss program has been shown to increase overall fat loss...
In a study done by two researchers form the Department Of Physical Education in Taiwan, the researchers used 16 male students, all of whom had been training for at least 6 months. 
They had them do weight training at different intensities to see which produced greater fat loss.
First, they trained at high intensity. Then 3 days later, they trained at low intensity.
The study demonstrated that fat oxidation (fat burning) after high-intensity weight training was higher than after low intensity weight training.
They concluded that high-intensity resistance exercise is the best choice when fat loss is the primary goal.
This is why I recommend that you include anabolic heavy lifting into your workout program in order to increase your body's fat burning ability, preserve existing muscle mass, and to build muscle all over your body, including your ab muscles and your oblique muscles.
Fusion 8 Tactic #2:
Use High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) As Your Fat Loss Vehicle Instead Of "Slow Cardio."
All the research (as well as my own personal experience) points to the fact that HIIT training is far superior for burning fat and increasing muscle size than steady state cardio (such as jogging on  treadmill.)
For example.
Researchers at Laval University reported that young men who followed a 15-week HIIT Program lost significantly more body fat than those following a typical 20-week steady-state cardio program.
During another study form the University of Western Ontario researchers had subjects follow one of two cardio programs for six weeks.
One group ran slow and steady for 30-60 minutes three times per week. 
The other group did four to six  30-second sprints with 4-minute rest periods between sprints, and they did this three times per week. 
They reported their findings in a journal called,"Medicine And Science In Sports & Exercise" where they revealed that the group doing HIIT exercise lost more than twice as much body fat as the slow and steady cardio group....PLUS they gained over a pound of muscle on average - and that's without lifting any weights!
Another major reason that HIIT works so well to drop body fat to a greater degree than continuous steady-state cardio is due to the increase in resting metabolism following high intensity interval training.  
In other words, your metabolism gets jacked up, and your body burns more calories all day long - automatically!
This phenomenon is known as "Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption" or,"EPOC" for short. 
In fact...
A study from Baylor College of Medicine reported that subjects who followed a HIIT workout on a stationary cycle burned significantly more calories during the 24 hours following the workout than those who cycled at a moderate steady-state intensity. 
Another study presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine by Florida State University found the same thing. 
Researchers reported that subjects who performed HIIT burned more calories during the 24 hours following exercise as compared to those who performed continuous steady-state exercise. 
This is good news for you!
This means that melting away body fat and getting six pack abs does not mean spending hours running like a hamster on a treadmill.
The shocking fact is, doing the typical steady state cardio can actually slow down your progress!
A study from Baylor College of Medicine reported that subjects who followed a HIIT workout on a stationary cycle burned significantly more calories during the 24 hours following the workout than those who cycled at a moderate steady-state intensity. 
By now, you see the importance of using HIIT as your fat loss vehicle.
This is why I recommend that you also include High-Intensity Training (HIIT) in your workout program, which will burn fat while increasing lean muscle mass. 
Fusion 8 Tactic #3:
Utilize The "Continuous Overload Progression" Principle During Each Workout. 
Using the Continuous Overload Progression principle will ensure you build new muscle and continue burning fat every week, without hitting the plateau.  
(If you ignore this part you're dead in water, no matter what workout program you follow.)
This is a simple, yet often overlooked component that absolutely must be included in every single muscle building and fat loss workout for maximum results.  
It's that important. 
So what exactly is the Continuous Overload Progression principle?
Well, according to the "Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science" published by California State University, it states that...
"Physical training is beneficial only as long as it forces the body to adapt to the stress of physical effort.
If the stress is not sufficient to overload the body, then no adaptation occurs."
In other words, if every week you do the same exercises, with the same intensity, using the same weight, with same number of reps, nothing will change. You will not grow new muscle, and you will not burn fat.
However, if your body is exposed to something different during each workout that forces it to adapt...then your body will respond by adding new muscle mass, and/or burning body fat.
Arnold Schwarzenegger described this in "The New Encyclopedia Of Modern Bodybuilding" where he states that... 
It's that important. 
So what exactly is the Continuous Overload Progression principle?
Well, according to the "Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science" published by California State University, it states that...
"Your muscles will grow only when they are subjected to an overload. They will not respond to anything less. Muscles will not grow bigger or stronger unless you force them to. 
Making your muscles contract against a level of resistance they are not used to will cause them to adapt and grow bigger and stronger."
...This is why the Continuous Overload Progression principle is an important piece of the puzzle. 
Alright, let's move on to the last tactic...
Fusion 8 Tactic #4:
Use Specific Nutrient Timing Principles To Control Metabolic And Anabolic Hormones.
Perhaps one of the most exciting things about this "Fusion 8 Effect" is that it does not require you to go on a low-carb diet.
In fact, just the opposite is true. 
Harnessing the Fusion 8 Effect means that you'll actually be able to eat more carbs, and get faster results at the same time. 
How is this possible. 
Well, there are certain times during the day that consuming extra carbohydrates along with protein will crank up your body's ability to build muscle and increase your body's fat oxidation (fat burning.)
In a twelve-week training study published in the Journal of Physiology, they reported that when a carbohydrate/protein mixture was given immediately after each exercise session, muscle size increased 8% and strength improved 15%.
However, when the carbohydrate/protein mixture was given 2 hours after exercise, there was no muscle hypertrophy (growth) or improvement in strength. 
This is why you need to be using the proper nutrient timing principles in order build muscle while burning the maximum amount of fat.
In fact, here’s what Dr. John Ivy, has to say about nutrient timing...
Harnessing the Fusion 8 Effect means that you'll actually be able to eat more carbs, and get faster results at the same time. 
(Dr. John Ivy has a PhD in Exercise Physiology and has published over 150 research papers on the effects of nutrition on physical performance and exercise recovery.)
He says:
"The 45 minutes immediately following exercise is the most important part of your day for building muscle. At no other time of the day can nutrition make such a major difference in your overall training program.
Your body is catabolic (breaking down muscle tissue) following a workout –but is primed to switch to an anabolic (muscle building) mode with the right nutrients.
If you don’t exploit this metabolic receptivity, your muscle cells will remain in a catabolic (muscle wasting) state and even begin to develop insulin means your body will store more fat!)
The best post-workout carbs are those that spike your insulin levels. At any other time of the day, eating these types of carbs would mean fat storage. 
However, post-workout, it’s actually IDEAL for you to eat things like...
  • Skittles 
  • Fat-free frozen yoghurt 
  • Gummy bears 
  • Fat free chocolate milk 
  • Jelly beans 
  • Swedish fish 
  • Fruit snacks 
YES, I'm serious!
Eating these things right after your workout will spike your body’s insulin levels at the perfect time, which results in faster muscle gains.
This is just ONE of the nutrient timing principles you can use to "turn on" the Fusion 8 Effect.
Now, don't get me wrong... 
Of course, if you eat these things at the WRONG time...and in the wrong amounts...they will have the complete opposite effect!
Do You Want To Get ALL Of The Tactics That Will Turn On The Fusion 8 Effect In Your Body, Rapidly Lowering Your Body Fat Levels And Building Rock-Hard Muscular Six Pack Abs?
There's much more to this Fusion 8 Effect than the basics that we've just covered. There are so many exciting tactics I want to show you that will get your body burning fat easier and faster than ever before... 
By now...
  • You understand why you need to include an anabolic component to your weekly workouts...
  • You see why using High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is superior to slow cardio for getting shredded and staying muscular...
  • You understand that you need to use the Continuous Overload Progression principle during each workout in order to continue burning fat every week without hitting a plateau.
  • And you've seen why you need to use specific nutrient timing principles to control metabolic and anabolic hormones for maximum fat loss and muscle gains... 
Now, if you want to get the "full scoop" on this Fusion 8 Effect, and put it to work for your body, to optimize your muscle building and fat burning hormones, and start shredding pounds of fat while maintaining and even building new lean muscle... 
Then let me quickly tell you about a program I've put together for you called:
Science Of Abs
The Simple Science Behind Getting Six Pack Abs
What Exactly Is The Science Of Abs Program?
It's a complete and comprehensive multi-media package that walks you through every piece and step of implementing the Fusion 8 Effect for your body...
Shedding pounds of body fat, getting you super lean...
Keeping 100% of your existing muscle, and even building new muscle...
So you get that ripped, muscular look that commands respect, and draws immediate attention form women. 
Now, before telling you everything you get, there's one thing I need you to be aware of...
If you just want to "lose a bunch of body weight" or you want to "get skinny" and you don't care about losing muscle mass in the process, then this program is NOT for you.
This program was specifically designed for men so that it strips the last 10-20 pounds of stubborn fat off your body, getting you super lean...while not only maintaining your current muscle mass, but also building your ab muscles so you get those 3-D abs that really pop out and make you looks muscular...NOT skinny. 
So if you're just looking for a "temporary fix" that strips fat, water weight, AND muscle off your body, just so you can look at the scale and tell your friends that you "lost 5 pounds" this week...
And you're NOT that serious about getting in the leanest and most muscular condition of your life...Then this program is NOT for you. 
If on the other hand you are serious about burning that last 10-20 pounds of fat off your body...
And you are serious about keeping and gaining lean muscle mass along the way, giving you that "ripped" and "shredded" look...Then the Science of Abs program is for you!
So here's what you're getting today...
8-Week HD Workout Videos
This HD videos take you through a full 8 weeks of both metabolic (fat burning) and anabolic (muscle building) workouts.
You'll be doing 4 unique workouts per week, for 4 weeks. 
At the end the of 4 weeks, the workouts will change completely in order to prevent a plateau and keep the fat melting off your body..and continue building lean muscle mass.
So for weeks 5-8 you'll follow a new set of workouts.
Throughout the entire program, each week you'll be doing two high-intensity "Ab Shredder" workouts,and two "Anabolic Abdominals" workouts.  
The "Ab Shredder" workouts are more than just ab workouts...These workouts hit your entire body from head to toe, and are designed to boost your metabolic rate, and burn fat off your body without sacrificing muscle mass. 
The "Anabolic Abdominals" workouts are designed to increase your anabolic hormones, and build muscle all over your body, including your abs and obliques.
This is what will give you those crazy-looking muscular abs that really pop out and separate you from all the "wanna ripped" guys who are super lean but have no real muscle definition.
You'll get a full explanation of how to do each exercise, how many reps, how many sets. Nothing is left out!
Get Access To Stunning HD Videos That Take You Through Every Set And Every Rep From Start To Finish
Workout Overview & Progress Tracker
Just to make everything crystal clear for you, you're also getting the Science Of Abs Workout Program Overview, along with the Progress Tracker. 
The Workout Program Overview will hold you by the hand and give you a "bird's eye view" of the entire 8-week game plan. You'll see the "what" "why" "where" and "how" of the entire workout program. 
No stone is left unturned, and you'll never be left wondering what to do next. 
And of course, the Progress Tracker will help you keep track of your results...This way, in addition to watching your body transform in the mirror week-after-week, you'll be able to see the real truth about what's happening to your body. 
Each week you'll be able to see how much body fat you've much lean muscle you've gained...and your overall body fat percentage. 
Printable Training Logs 
On top of that, you'll also get printable training logs to take to the gym with you. 
Don't worry about trying to remember each exercise, how many sets, how many reps, etc...Just print these out and go! 
This makes starting your workout fast and easy. 
Science Of Abs Eating System
Next, you're getting the Science Of Abs Eating System.
Make no mistake, this is NOT one of those rigid, "calorie counting" diet plans that's next to impossible to follow...
This system will walk you through the eating strategies that will maximize your fat burning and muscle-building hormones using the "Fusion 8" principles we talked about earlier. 
You'll discover things like...
  • The myth of "bulking and cutting." And how you can burn fat while building muscle at the same time.
  • The 5 nutrition mistakes that are killing your six pack dreams...and the simple and painless "tweaks" that will correct each mistake and kick-start your body's suppressed fat burning hormones.
  • The ultra effective "carbohydrate timing" technique that enhances your body's ability to gain lean muscle and burn fat. 
  • The secrets to manipulating all 8 of your body's fat-burning hormones...So your body becomes a muscle-building and fat-burning machine.
  • Delicious metabolism-boosting drinks that you'll soon be calling your "secret weapon" for jacking up your body's ability to burn fat. 
  • How to increase protein synthesis to jack up your body's rate of muscle growth and recovery ability. 
And here's the best part...
Nothing in the Science Of Abs Eating System requires you to eat bland, boring "diet food" that you'll dread. 
You'll still be able to eat the delicious, flavorful foods you love! 
Science Of Abs Grocery List
...In fact. I'm also giving you the Science of Abs Grocery List!
Take this list to the grocery store with you and be 100% sure that you're eating that absolute best foods that will get you the body you deserve. 
You'll be enjoying protein sources like: Lean ground beef, eggs, shrimp, salmon, chicken, turkey, and more...
...Carbs like: Brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, beans, oatmeal, bread, pasta, and more...
...Fatty foods like: Lean red meat, olive oil, all kinds of nuts, avocados, almond butter, pumpkin seeds, peanut butter, and more...
You'll be able to eat all kinds of fruits like: Strawberries, bananas, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, apples, blueberries, raspberries, and more.
And of course you can eat all the vegetables you want, which I've listed for you as well.
The point is...You'll never be left guessing..."Is this okay to eat?"
Science Of Abs Quick-Start Guide
And finally, you're getting the Science of Abs Quick-Start Guide.
This is where I take you by the hand and literally walk you through how to get started. 
I take you step-by-step and show you what to do first, second, third, and so on...
Once again, I'm making this brain-dead simple for you...You'll never be left wondering what to do next, and you never have to worry if you're doing something wrong. 
"So How Do I Get Access To The Science Of Abs Online Training Program?"
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A one-time investment of $47 for access to your step-by-step guide for getting six pack abs
The Science of Abs Program is an online course. To grab the complete package, and lock-in the discounted rate of just $29, simply click the "Add To Cart" button above. This is one-time payment without any hidden fees, and your card will never be charged again. You'll be taken to the secure order page where you can complete your order and receive full access to the Science of Abs program so you can learn the "insider secrets" to burning fat rapidly, getting a shredded, muscular physique and six pack abs. And as always, you're completely covered by my 100% money-back guarantee. You can email us anytime at [email protected]
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why is the program only $47?
Because luckily you've reached this page before I increased the price to $97. I'm giving this program away for so cheap because #1, I want to make it an absolute no-brainer for you to get started right now. I don't want the price of the program to stop you from getting started. And #2, I want to get this into as many people's hands as possible, so you'll email me with your success story, thanking me and give me permission to feature you on this website to PROVE how powerful this program really is. And to reward you for being one of the first guys to get your hands on this valuable program, I'm basically giving it away for peanuts.
Q: Can I do these workouts at home or do I need a gym? 
You'll be doing 4 workouts per week on this program - 2 of the workouts you can do anywhere (no gym required) and the 2 of the workouts you'll need access to equipment like a squat rack, bench, barbells, dumbbells, etc. If you have a home gym, that's perfectly fine, otherwise you'll want to get to a gym. 
Q: Is this program for beginners? 
It's for anyone who needs to lose the last 10-20 pounds of body fat to get you that super shredded look. The program takes into consideration that you might be a complete beginner who has never been to a gym before, so if that's you, I've got you covered. And if you're an advance lifter who's been going to the gym for years, you'll be happy to know that I also cover more advanced topics, but more importantly, I can guarantee you've never done a workout like this in your life. Beginner or advanced, you'll have breakthroughs that will lead to more rapid fat loss and muscle gains, guaranteed or your money back.
Q: Can I go through the program on my phone or tablet? 
Yes! Once you get started, the program will be available to you ANYWHERE you have an internet connection. Your home computer, work computer, smart phone, tablet, etc. You can simply log in to the members area and you've got the entire program at your fingertips.
Q: What if it doesn't work for me? 
Well, I can tell you for certain that it WILL work for you if you follow the plan I lay out for you! But either way, I want to assure you that you can try the program for a full 60 days - and if you're not happy with this program for ANY reason (or no reason at all) you can simply email my support staff at [email protected] letting us know, and you'll be given a prompt and courteous refund, with no questions asked, and no hard feelings!
Q: How long does it take for the program to arrive? 
The Science of Abs program is an online program and nothing is shipped to you. This saves you shipping costs, and also means that you don't have to wait days for the program to arrive. When you place your order today, you'll get instant online access to the entire program directly on your computer, smart phone, or tablet. 
Q: I'm still skeptical... 
Then don't buy the program, dude! I don't know what else I can say to convince you...either you want my help or you don't! If you DO want my help, then of course I'm happy to show you the way. 
Listen, I've put my blood sweat and tears into this program, and over the years I've learned SO MUCH about weight training and nutrition to build the perfect male physique - more than most gym rats can ever hope to understand...If you put your trust in me, I can tell you, I won't let you down. If you still have questions about the program, of course you can send us an email at [email protected] But PLEASE don't ask me any specific training or diet questions if you haven't even bought the program...That's what I created this program for, my friend! It's got EVERYTHING you need to know! Just follow it, stop making excuses, and start seeing results.
Oh, and after you get started, be sure to send me an email to let you know how you're doing. I welcome any feedback about the program, and once again, I always appreciate hearing success stories.
Talk to you soon!
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